Welcome to the RCIR (Reading Comprehension in Information Retrieval) Task @ NTCIR-16.

This webpage will be updated shortly with details regarding the task, datasets, evaluation and timeline.

The NTCIR-16 RCIR pilot task aims to motivate the development of a first generation of personalised retrieval techniques that integrate reading comprehension measures from biosignals as a source of evidence when ranking text content. Participating researchers will develop and benchmark approaches to integrate multi-modal signals (e.g. eye tracking, EOG, screenshots, etc) into the retrieval process for two sub-tasks, a comprehension-evaluation task (CET) that aims to sort texts in terms of comprehension levels, and a comprehension-based retrieval task (CRT) that aims to rank texts (for a variety of topics) by integrating comprehension-evidence into the IR process. Both sub-tasks are exploratory in nature, but designed to facilitate initial experimentation on the topic by the community. A new dataset will be generated by the organisers and will consist of textual data extracted from Wikipedia (the content texts) as well as a range of preprocessed biometric signal data. Runs will be ranked in terms of appropriate evaluation measures.

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Graham Healy - graham [dot] healy [a+] dcu.ie

28 March 2021